Why I Switched from Android to iOS

I’m writing this post from my bed, on my new iPhone.

It’s gorgeous. 16 GB (since I don’t sync my music – praise the Lord for Spotify), pink (got the last Rose Gold one in the store), and smooth as hell. The first thing I did after receiving it was text my best friend a row of middle finger emoji in all the skin tones, because it’s novel and I am super mature.


See? Super Mature.


Since then, I’ve been making my rounds; downloading apps, taking selfies, playing with all the bells and whistles my new device has to offer. It kind of fascinates me. You see, I haven’t used an iOS device since 2012 – Android has been my home boy for my entire smartphone owning career. And I loved it.

So why’d I switch?

Well first, I’m incredibly vain. There aren’t very many pink Android phones, and stupid as it seems, I saw the Rose Gold and fell in love with the color. And the idea that I could have a foxy little phone to go with my foxy (yet beastly) MacBook Air was too alluring.

Rose Gold iPhone 6S

I also found myself frustrated with Android’s infamous fragmentation problem – my phone hadn’t been updated in months, and probably wasn’t going to be any time soon. Between manufacturer’s slow uptake on upgrades to carrier bloatware, getting anything new on Android is a hassle and a half. My inner technophile struggled with feeling behind – something iPhone users don’t really have to worry about.

Besides my tech-induced FOMO, I really felt it was about time I had something fairy industry-standard. While I had a great run with Android phones, including both a Nexus 5 and an LG G3, it was a pain in the ass every time a client emailed me asking if I could “look at my site on your iPhone”. It was a slight job hinderance to not have access to the most widely-used mobile platform.

Finally, while I hate to admit it, I wanted something simple. I love Android, and its customizability, but I didn’t want to get stuck using a hyper-custom solution to get what I was after out of my device. I’ve always been a fan of being platform-agnostic; I love the cloud as well as the ease and freedom it provides. If I can’t access your service and use it wherever I need to, I won’t use it. To that end, I hated the idea of tweaking the hell out of my phone, only to upgrade or break it and have to change the entire way I worked.

So, I bit the bullet. I did a ton of research on iOS and it’s many updates since 2012, accepted the fact that there would be a transition period, and when my upgrade came, I was actually excited to get my hands on this little beauty. There have been some annoyances (which I’ll outline in a later blog), but the transition was pretty seamless (which I’ll also cover in a blog), and overall I’m pleased with my decision.

Especially since now I can use Snapchat filters and middle finger emoji.

Still mature as hell.