The Grumpiest Bride-To-Be

Anyone who tells you I’m nice and pleasant is lying.

I’m grumpy. Like, permanently grumpy. I try to face each day with an I don’t give a flying fuck attitude, and I can go from fine to bitch I will cut you in about two seconds. I have such a tendency to be grumpy that Seth and I have a name for it – Grumpo. And I am a Grumpo 99% of the time.

I was definitely being a Grumpo last Sunday. I’d already had a long week, and a late night the night before. I had the beginnings of a head cold, I had errands to run, my bathroom sink was leaking everywhere; I was grumpy about everything, and just wanted to sit in my pajamas and be left alone. And, of course, I had commitments for the day – my parents wanted to go out to lunch and we were carving pumpkins in the evening.

It was an ideal setting to make me grumpy as hell.

And I was. I was grumpy towards everyone. I was grumpy when I found out that my sink wasn’t going to get fixed that day. I was grumpy about having to go buy pumpkins. I was grumpy about having to get dressed and be happy for lunch. I was grumpy about everything.

Granted, my mood did improve over lunch, but I still wasn’t a bubbly ray of sunshine. I never am.

And then this happened…

Seth proposed...
Seth proposed…

To say I was surprised is an understatement. It took a minute for my brain to figure out what was happening. My initial response was a lot like this…


Once my brain caught up to speed with everything, of course I said yes…

I said yes! ❤💕💍😂 #t

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I felt kind of… numb afterwards. Happy, but shocked. And everyone kept looking at me, which was more than awkward to be honest. It wasn’t until I got home later that I realized holy shit I’m getting married.

I also regretted being so grumpy. I’d honestly love to say that I learned a valuable life lesson – maybe to be a Grumpo less often, and appreciate everything in life more. But, truth be told, I’ve had a bitch of a head cold and have been in the foulest of moods for the last few days, and that’s okay.

Maybe the lesson to take away here is to spend your time, and your life, with someone who loves you even when you’re a Grumpo. ❤️